Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter Has Put Together An Amazing Cast

After more than a several years existing, the Resident Evil franchise is coming to an end. Since back in 2002, we have seen the video gaming series release five movies into cinemas, each one finding fans around the world, and compelling them to return for the next sequel. Now Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is ready to get moving, and in expectation, the project has declared its full cast.

Due date has the information on the new inclusions to the final follow up in the Resident Evil series, and it is a mix of both franchise regulars and new faces. Read on to find out who will be a part of the group trying to save the world and the mankind.

 Milla Jovovich - Resident Evil 6: The Final Chapter

This one should be no surprise to anyone who has been following the Resident Evil franchise over the years. While many cast members have come and gone, Milla Jovovich has stuck around, and is now set to play the brave Alice for the 6th time. Of course, exactly where the sequence leaves her at the very end is the big secret.

Ali Larter - Resident Evil 6

It was returning at the beginning Aug that we first heard stories about Ali Larter returning for another Resident Evil production, and now that the movie is getting into production mode that casting has been confirmed. The celebrity will once again be playing Claire Redfield, who started playing the role in 2007’s Resident Evil Extinction, and returned for Resident Evil: Afterlife. She missed out on 2012’s Resident Evil: Retribution, but that can be described by the fact that she was last seen being kidnapped.

Iain Glen

Scottish actor Iain Glen is probably best known as the eternally lovesick Jorah Mormont on the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, but he will soon be leaving Westeros behind as he projects into a different world of dreadful undead creatures. Unfortunately, there is no details currently available about the character that he will be playing in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, though one can wish that Paul W.S. Anderson places him up for the opportunity to actually win the woman.

Ruby Rose

Famous for being a model and DJ/recording artist in her country of Australia, Ruby Rose is only starting to achieve a following her in the U. s., and signing on for Resident Evil 6 is a great step in that direction.

 Shawn Roberts

Now we have come to yet another face that fans of the long-running video gaming film series should recognize. Shawn Roberts has been playing a key part in Resident Evil films returning to 2010’s Resident Evil: Afterlife – where he created his first appearance as the villainous Albert Wesker. He is best known as the head of the Umbrella Corporation, but he will be going from antagonist to protagonist in Resident Evil 6, having defected from Umbrella and joined with Alice to end the ultimate evil: the artificially intelligent Red Queen.

Eoin Macken

Hailing from Ireland, actor Eoin Macken has not created much of a movie profession just yet, but has become a significant name on United states tv. After featuring in a few episodes of The Tudors, he arrived the repeating part of Sir Gwaine in the Merlin series. Lately he has been featuring on the NBC medical comedy/drama The Night Shift.

William Levy

Lastly, we have the Cuban-born William Levy, who has spent the last several years or so carving out a name for himself on Mexican television. That started to change in 2014 when he arrived a part in Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club, and has since arrived a role in the Vince Vaughn crime drama Term Life. Resident Evil 6 should be his biggest project up to now, though exactly what he will be doing in the film is a secret.

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